Automobile Inventory Photography

On-site Automobile Inventory Photography

A picture says a thousand words, but what story does your current photography tell about your dealership?

Daytona Internet Marketing has a team of professional photographers who deliver high-resolutions, digitally-optimized image solutions for dealerships of all sizes.

Why Choose Us?

We have the knowledge, expertise and right equipment to make your inventory sell itself online!

We make automotive photography a snap

With more and more customers using the internet to research and shop, it’s important to catch their interest with professional pictures that will showcase your inventory to its best. Our full time, professional photographers specialize in high quality, effective digital photography and they will work with you to achieve a winning result.

And we will keep you in the picture

We will help you organize everything on site, make sure everything is captured as arranged. We will then professionally finish each shot until it is ready to go and then send or personally deliver your photos wherever you need them. In fact we are totally geared up to help you manage your entire Website Inventory. And the extra benefit is, all this service leaves your sales team more time to do what they do best – sell cars.

Key Benefits:

1 –  Regardless of the size of your dealership we can scale our involvement to meet your needs and budget, right down to the number of photos per vehicle.
2 – Same day uploading of inventory images ensures your inventory is presented on all advertising sites to generate lead activity.
3 –  Assured your vehicles will reflect your dealership’s brand and image.
4 –  From choosing the location, through to incorporating your logo in each shot, we will help you set the scene for a winning result.
5 –  Our fulltime team of professional photographers will work to an agreed recurring schedule and are happy to accommodate special events such as dealership launches, events or new premises.


Inventory Photography
– Up to 15 photos
– Touch up
– Watermark
– Re-sized
– 72dpi JPG format
– Weekly, twice a week.


– Up to 30 photos
– Touch up
– Watermark
– Re-sized
– 72dpi JPG format
– Weekly, twice a week or as needed.


– Manage
– Manage
– Manage
– Manage craiglist
– Manage your website
– Photo editing (touch ups, re-size, watermark)

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